5 Things to Bring on a Las Vegas ATV Tour

If you’re planning a visit to the Vegas Strip, you’ll find an abundance of fun activities while you’re there. One way to have fun, see the sites and get a sense of the history of the area is to do a tour of ATV riding in Las Vegas. Here’s what you need to know to …

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How to Ride an ATV – Tips for First Time Riders

In a couple of previous blog posts, we talked about different kinds of protective gear you might want to wear when riding ATVs, such as a properly-fitted helmet, gloves and goggles. We also talked about the importance of choosing an ATV that is a good match for your body size and your specific needs and …

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Guided ATV Tours vs. ATV Rentals in Las Vegas

If you’re not up for hiking the Las Vegas desert on foot, off-roading might sound like a better idea. It can definitely make navigating the sandy, rocky desert terrain easier and more fun. But should you rent an ATV and go it alone, or should you choose a scenic motorized tour with a tour guide? …

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The Tales the Eldorado Canyon Trail Could Tell

If you want to get a taste of the natural side of Nevada, then consider an ATV rental in Las Vegas to take the beautiful 22-mile ride through Eldorado Canyon in the desert outside Las Vegas. If you let it, your imagination can get carried away during this ride that is perfect for all ability …

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A Brief History of the Awesome ATV

The all-terrain vehicle has been a part of American culture since the 1960s, but the early iterations didn’t bear much resemblance to the 4-wheel vehicles of today. The first versions of these off-road vehicles included the Jiger of 1961 and the Terra Tiger, which came along near the end of that decade. These land and …

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas history is fascinating. From its earliest days as a Native American oasis, to the Wild West, to today's glittering global tourism mecca, Las Vegas has seen and done it all.

Every visit to Las Vegas like seeing a new city!

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