ATV rental Las Vegas

There are many types of off-road vehicles, but ATVs are some of the most popular and fun vehicles made for off-road use. They are relatively safe when ridden responsibly and while wearing the correct safety equipment. To learn more about the vital equipment that you must wear when riding an ATV, read on.

Wear the Proper Helmet

As you no doubt already know, it is very important that you wear a helmet when you’re riding an ATV. However, you cannot just wear any helmet. Many people like to wear motorcycle helmets when they’re riding ATVs. While such a helmet will certainly provide you with adequate protection, the visibility and breathability will not be as good as it would be with an ATV helmet. An ATV rental in Las Vegas will provide you with the correct helmet. However, if you are riding ATVs at some point in the future you have to remember to wear the right helmet.

Wear Gloves

While everybody knows about the importance of wearing a helmet, the importance of wearing gloves is often overlooked. Gloves are vital safety equipment for riding ATVs for two main reasons. First of all, a running ATV sends a great deal of vibration through the handlebars. Gloves will insulate your hands from this vibration, which could otherwise have negative effects. Also, when you are riding any sort of vehicle off-road, there are always bits of debris and dirt flying everywhere. Gloves will protect your hands from such debris. There are gloves made specifically for ATV riding, and these are the best option.

Wear Goggles

Goggles are also very important riding for ATVs, as dirt, twigs, and stones can be flipped up towards the rider. Eye protection is vital to avoid injury. Many off-road helmets do not have integrated eye protection like motorcycle helmets do. You will likely need to get a pair of off-road goggles separately. Generally, those riding dirt bikes and ATVs use the same goggles. Even general off-road goggles that are not specifically made for ATV riding will work fine in this application. Do not try to simply wear sunglasses while riding an ATV. This may be convenient, but it will not provide you with adequate protection.