ATV rides in Las Vegas

While millions of people come to Vegas for the casinos and the nightlife, you’ll find some other unexpected things that you might want to do. These Vegas activities let you get off the beaten path.

Fun and Unusual Things You Can Do in Vegas

While most travelers come to Las Vegas because they want to gamble and hit the casinos, you may grow tired of seeing the same machines each time you visit. Before you arrive in the city on your next trip, look at some of the fun and unusual Vegas things to do.

Helicopter Ride

Even if you drove down The Strip before and seen the city from the tallest building in Vegas, you can see the city in an entirely new way via helicopter. You can book a helicopter ride that takes you above the city and deep into the desert, and some adventures even take you to the Hoover Dam. To make your trip even more unforgettable, you might book a tour that lets you skydive from that helicopter or shoot at targets from the sky.

Speed Through the Desert

ATV rides in Las Vegas let you speed through the desert without worrying about getting a ticket from driving over the speed limit. These tours include transportation from the hotel to the desert and then back to your hotel or the drop off location of your choosing. Scenic tours focus on the gorgeous landscape around the city, but other tours let you combine Las Vegas activities and also enjoy shooting, eating or doing other fun things after an ATV ride.

Zip Line

As long as you don’t have an intense fear of heights, you might enjoy doing a zip line while in Vegas. Trained operators connect you to a harness and attach you to a device that connects to a heavy-duty line. Once you let go, you’ll find yourself flying through the air at a high speed as you see the world from the air. Zip lining is great for small and large groups. Even if you want to try your luck at one of the casinos, you’ll want to add some of these Vegas activities to your itinerary too.