Welcome to our team! We are a group of passionate outdoor enthusiasts who love nothing more than sharing our love for adventure with others. Our team is made up of experienced guides and instructors, who are experts in their fields, including ATV riding, live gun range, Off-road racing, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, helicopter tours, and even glamping! We are dedicated to providing our clients with unforgettable experiences and helping them discover the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you are an experienced adventurer, or a beginner, we have something for everyone. We believe that nature is a powerful teacher, and strive to create safe experiences that allow our clients to connect with nature and themselves. We are excited to have you join us on our next adventure!



Meet Jose! He was born in Mexico, and moved to Las Vegas with his parents and siblings for the American dream. He is a Desert Pines graduate which makes him a Vegas native in our book. Jose spent his teenage year through his 20s working in guest services with the Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. His love for the outdoors lead him to becoming a tour guide. Jose is passionate about customer service and making sure his tour guests feel safe and well prepared. On his time off he spends time with his wife and kids and as a family we continue to pursue the American dream to build a great life. Book a tour with Jose he operates Kayak tours, Nellis & Mojave tours.


Meet Eric! He grew up in Massachusetts, and moved from Northern CA then to Las Vegas in 2020. Eric has a degree in accounting, and decided out of college it was not what he wanted to do. After school he started working for start ups to see what it takes to create a business. During the Pandemic Eric decided to move to Vegas, and immediately found Las Vegas Outdoor Adventures. Eric is certified in wilderness survival and first aid, as well as CPR. He also took 2 years of ROTC in college which has beneficial experiences as well while working the Gun Tours. Eric Loves to travel nationality and international. He drove across the US 8 times coast to coast. In his free time he enjoys exploring surrounding areas with his fiancé and dog. He sets a goal to travel internationally at least once a year and has been to 5 out of the 7 continents aside from Antarctica and Africa. Book a tour with Eric riding ATVs on the Colorado, Mojave, Nellis, or the Camel safari tours. He also runs Bullets and Burgers, OffRoad Racing, and Kayak tours.


Desiree AKA Des is from Northern California, The Bay Area. She was Raised in Hayward. She moved to Las Vegas almost 4 years ago with her two kids. Her whole life she has been an athlete. Just born ready to challenge her body mentally and physically. She was on the US Jr Olympic Swim team during Junior High and competed in Hungry, Europe. In high school she played 5 sports and was on Varsity team for 4 sports. In college she played basketball and softball. During her adult life she has done 3 triathlons, tons of 5k races, 10k races , a hand full of mud races and Spartan races as well as a couple Half marathons. She is also involved with the the Turkey Trot every thanksgiving with her kids. Des has over 20 years hospitality experience in the hotel industry. She has great energy and is very kind and passionate about her job. She makes everyone on her tours feel comfortable and ready to concur the Mojave trails safely. She’s always ready to have fun, and understands how to stay safe while doing so. On her free time when she’s not hanging out with her kids she loves to hike around Las Vegas’ beautiful outdoors trails. She also loves going to Red Rocks, and Mount Charleston to hike with her dog. She loves to go camping, kayaking, off roading or checking out lots of foodie places around Vegas. She loves cooking at home, doing the extra mom duties, and planning her next outdoor adventure. So if you are looking to enjoy the great outdoors and a change from the Vegas strip, definitely request Des to guide you through the Mojave half day tour. As many of her reviews say. You won’t be disappointed.


Logan is a small town kid from a small town located in the mountains of northeastern California, developed a deep passion for the outdoors from an early age, thanks to the time he spent with his father who worked as a forester. He enjoys various outdoor activities such as creek fishing, hunting, snowboarding, gathering firewood, and even getting Christmas trees for his loved ones. Throughout his career, he has acquired diverse experiences including working in custom home construction, operating as a die welder and CNC operator in the aerospace industry, and serving as a bartender. He also honed his skills with ATVs while living on a working cattle ranch as a ranch hand. During his leisure time, he enjoys spending time with his wife or playing one of his guitars. Logan really enjoys seeing faces light up from a memorable ATV ride in the desert under the fighter jets from Nellis air force base. Some of which he had a small hand in helping build.


Meet Robert! He is a Las Vegas Native and has traveled all over the USA , Alaska , Hawaii , Middle East, Germany , Holland , England. He was awarded 1983 Eagle Scout of the Year State of Nevada. Robert served in Desert Storm , Desert Shield , Operation Restore Hope, USMC Combat Veteran. He is also educated by UNLV BS Business AA Human Relations. Certified in AEMT Certification Central Mine Rescue Trainer Certification, ATF / FBI Explosives Expert Certification, NDOT Paramedic Certification, MSHA 40 / OSHA ASTN 30 Trainer Certification. Nevada QE certification NAMB. SCBA Dregar Trainer certification. He is Red Rock Search and Rescue volunteer member, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department volunteer officer. Robert is also a US Marine Corps League Member and a Volunteer Kids in Crisis Councilor. In his Spare time he loves volunteering with community organizations, traveling, reading, tactile firearms training, car shows, and writing. He is also a family man and love spend time with his Grand Child. Book a tour with Robert riding atvs at Nellis and Mojave, and bullets and burgers!


Stacia is originally from Atlanta , Georgia. She moved to Philadelphia in 2004 during that time she was educated in the arts from Moore College of Art and Design. After college she started a production company proving talent and creative design for Casinos, Night Clubs and Big Events. Stacia’s passion for nature and healing started to grow 6 years ago when she traveled to Spain for a Trapeze Yoga Certification. She has since received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from YogaBody in Spain. During 2020 there was a window of opportunity to move from the North East and head west to Nevada to grow her passion for the outdoor adventures. She loves meeting new people and sharing her experiences from world travel and the outdoors. Stacia has a love for adventure and exploring her back yard. On her days off she loves to go off-roading or hiking in many of the amazing trails that surround Las Vegas! Book a tour with Stacia for Atvs Tours, Hiking Tours, Camel Safari, Grand Canyon, kayaking, and Bullets and Burgers.


Vick was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. He moved to California with is family when he was 19. He was a location scout for a TV Production company before moving to Las Vegas 6 years ago. He is a PADI certified scuba diver and well as a qualified life guard. Vick is an avid ATV and motorcycle rider. His hobbies are off-roading in the desert around Las Vegas, going to the shooting range, and music. He’s also a movie buff, and loves Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese movies the best. He is well travelled and has been everywhere from Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Denmark and even Asia, including China and most recently Thailand. He loves history, not only world history but local history as well. Vick runs both Bullets & Burgers gun tours as well as Off-Road Racing. Book a tour with him!


Meet Brett! A Nebraska native but a citizen of the world. Brett has lived in Las Vegas for over 25 years. His knowledge of Nevada and Arizona with leave you amazed. Brett is like a human encyclopedia when it come to the History of Nevada. He has traveled to the Middle East, and across North America. In Brett’s spare time he enjoys going on road-trips on his motorcycle. He also is veteran tour guide. Have been doing tours at the Grand Canyon for 12 years now. Book a tour with Brett for Grand Canyon, Colorado River Atv, Bullets and Burgers Shooting Range.


Bryant was born and raised in Las Vegas (He is an actual Vegas Native!) He worked in the Airline Industry 20 years. He grew up with snow skiing and was riding the slopes before kindergarten. Bryant Loves snowboarding, hunting, and off-road anything. He has experience with off roading in jungle, Viti Levu/Fiji, Masai Mara/Serengeti, Desert, Amargosa, Dumont and other Southwest locations. Bryant also has experience with off-roading and fishing all over Oregon. Bryant plays guitar every night for the last 26 years. Bryant is a gun collector and loves to modify his personal collection. He also loves the outdoors, and shares this passion with his two daughter’s. They absolutely follow in his footsteps with a passion for adventure and nature. Book a tour with Bryant with bullets and burgers!


Meet Dustin! He was born in Barre, Vermont, and has lived in Las Vegas for 25 years. A now Las Vegas native has lots of great advice and tips to give his tour guest. He is a graduate from Bonanza High School and early in his career he started working in construction. Dustin worked as a builder most of his professional career. Outdoors have always been a passion for him, and he has a natural fit in the tourism world. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping and Disc Golf. Dustin runs the Half Day Mojave Atv Tour, and Nellis Dunes Atv Tour.