How to Enjoy Las Vegas If You Don’t Drink

How to Have a Sober Vegas Vacation

When people think of vacations in Las Vegas, they frequently think of nights fueled by alcohol. While Las Vegas might be known for its drinking and partying culture, the city has plenty to offer to those who don’t imbibe. One way is to take a tour with Vegas ATV adventures. Here are some other ways that you can have an amazing Las Vegas vacation without touching a single drop of alcohol.

Try a Sporty Activity

While Las Vegas might be known for its huge buffets and sedentary activities, there are actually tons of opportunities for those who prefer to burn a few calories on their vacations. From yoga classes to off-road tours, there are tons of packages and classes that let you get outside and explore when you vacation in Las Vegas.

Live Concerts and Shows

It’s possible to have the vacation of a lifetime in Vegas not only without touching a single drop of alcohol, but without ever spending a single dime on a casino floor. While Vegas might be known for its partying and gambling, don’t forget about the world-class entertainment that the city offers. From famous musicians to awe-inspiring acrobatic shows, you can easily schedule an entire Las Vegas vacation just around live entertainment.

Make the Most of What Vegas Has to Offer

Never believe that partying, drinking, and gambling are all that Las Vegas has to offer. The city is full of culture, athletics, and outdoor adventure as well. It’s possible to have a Vegas vacation that leaves you feeling healthy, enriched, and energized. Plus, you’ll be one of the few people on your flight home who doesn’t feel the worse for wear.

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5 Things to Bring on a Las Vegas ATV Tour

Bring These 5 Items on Your Las Vegas ATV Tour

If you’re planning a visit to the Vegas Strip, you’ll find an abundance of fun activities while you’re there. One way to have fun, see the sites and get a sense of the history of the area is to do a tour of ATV riding in Las Vegas. Here’s what you need to know to be prepared for your ATV tour.

Top 5 Items to Bring on an ATV Tour

  1. Curiosity. If you love the outdoors and you’re up for an adventure, ATV riding is for you. History buffs and nature enthusiasts will enjoy the sights as you ride through some of the most significant historical areas in the United States.
  2. Camera. You’ll have plenty of photo opportunities including a 15 minute stop at the Hoover Dam Bridge.
  3. Sunglasses and sunscreen/sunblock. You’ll be riding through the desert so, you’ll want to keep your skin and eyes protected. You’ll need to be comfortable so you don’t miss any sites or photo ops.
  4. Swimsuit, towel. There’s a stop where you can take a dip in the Colorado River, so bring some swimwear and a change of clothes.
  5. Appetite. After your ATV tour, you’ll be our guest at our bar and restaurant to enjoy our famous burgers and drinks.

About Las Vegas ATVs

Spend a day with Las Vegas ATVs for an enjoyable and memorable highlight to your stay on the Las Vegas Strip. You’ll be picked up and dropped off by our complimentary shuttle. One of our master tour guides will give you an exciting tour and history lesson. You’ll get to experience sites like the Mojave Desert, Lake Mead National Park, the Hoover Dam Bridge, and the Colorado River. Then we’ll take you on a 22-mile tour with plenty of stops for sightseeing and photos. After your tour, you and your party can relax in our bar and restaurant. Enjoy the food, drinks, and sights from our outdoor patio.

Booking a Scenic Motorized ATV Tour

You can book your ATV tour online or by phone. If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, you can book your tour in advance. However, if you’re visiting the Las Vegas Strip on a whim, give us a call for pricing and availability. If you love the beauty of nature, the awe of history, and the fun of ATV riding, be sure to take our scenic motorized ATV tour in Las Vegas.

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How to Ride an ATV – Tips for First Time Riders

In a couple of previous blog posts, we talked about different kinds of protective gear you might want to wear when riding ATVs, such as a properly-fitted helmet, gloves and goggles. We also talked about the importance of choosing an ATV that is a good match for your body size and your specific needs and abilities. But in this post, we want to share a few more ATV tips for beginners about how to ride an ATV in a safe and comfortable manner.

Handling Bumps and Dips

During your first few trips riding around the desert on an ATV, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it can be a pretty bumpy ride. Sometimes it seems like you can feel every single bump, every dip and every rock on the trail.

One way to minimize the jarring sensation and smooth out your ride is to make sure that the tire pressure is properly set to the manufacturer’s specifications – or even just a tiny bit underinflated. When tires are overinflated, you tend to have a bouncier ride. But adjusting the air pressure allows the tires to mush into the trail and absorb more of the impact.

When taking a guided ATV tour in Las Vegas with Las Vegas ATVs, you don’t have to worry about that, though, because our ATV tour guides and instructors make sure that all our vehicles are properly maintained and set up to give you an enjoyable riding experience.

Basic Braking Techniques

When braking, your ATV handle brakes operate in the same way as those on a motorcycle or bicycle. The right hand brake is for the rear wheels, and the left hand brake is for the front wheels. Always begin braking with the right hand and then gradually add additional braking power with the left hand only when needed.

This is extremely important when riding downhill because applying the brakes to the front wheels on a downhill at high speed could shift the center of gravity too far forward, causing the vehicle to begin tipping forward. This is a very rare phenomenon and is unlikely to happen to you on our guided tours, but under the right circumstances it could be a concern. So always let off the gas and start braking with the right hand first, followed by the left hand as needed.

Distributing Your Weight

When turning or when riding across slanted terrain, it’s sometimes necessary to lean into those turns or to shift your bodyweight to the side to prevent tipping. One easy way to do this is to slightly raise your body up on your feet as you ride.

This gives you a little greater control and allows you to easily shift your weight from side to side to accommodate the changes in terrain while maintaining proper balance. Raising your body up off the seat slightly can also help you to absorb some of those bumps and vibrations that we talked about earlier.

Riding an ATV for the first time is a really fun experience for riders of all ages. By following these basic riding tips and the instructions from your guides, you’re sure to have a safe and enjoyable time and create many memories that will last a lifetime.

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Guided ATV Tours vs. ATV Rentals in Las Vegas

Choose a Guided ATV Tour of Las Vegas

If you’re not up for hiking the Las Vegas desert on foot, off-roading might sound like a better idea. It can definitely make navigating the sandy, rocky desert terrain easier and more fun. But should you rent an ATV and go it alone, or should you choose a scenic motorized tour with a tour guide?

ATV Rentals

For thrill seekers, you can rent ATV for racing and high-speed rides on short courses. Most visitors to Las Vegas chose ATV rentals so they can tour national landmark sites like Lake Mead National Park and the Mojave Desert where they can visit the historical Colorado River and the Hoover Dam Bridge. These are most often self- guided tours where you get a quick ATV operating lesson and a map. If you’re an experienced off-roader and you know the trails, this is a good option for quick, fun adrenalin rush. But if you’ve never operated an ATV or can’t navigate using a map, you may be in over your head.

ATV Tours

A better option for off-roading newbies is to book a guided ATV tour. There are a few companies in Las Vegas that specialize in guided ATV tours. The main benefit of these scenic motorized tours is that you get a tour guide who is experienced in ATV safety, is an expert navigator and knows the rich and colorful history of the sites you’ll want to visit. Your tour guide is with you throughout the entire trip to ensure safety and give you answers to questions you can’t find in a simple marketing brochure. If you’re vacationing with family, a guided ATV tour is truly a history lesson on wheels.

Guided ATV Tours: The Clear Winner

Having an experienced tour guide accompany you on your scenic motorized tour makes it safer, more predictable, more educational, and more fun. Las Vegas ATVs offers some of the most unique and fun-filled ATV rides in Las Vegas . Combine your guided tour with skydiving, shooting at our firearms range, or a helicopter tour, and lunch at our World Famous Arizona Last Stop Restaurant. Guided ATV tours are the best way to see historical Las Vegas first-hand while experiencing the thrill of off-roading for beginners.

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The Tales the Eldorado Canyon Trail Could Tell

If the Eldorado Canyon Trail Could Talk

If you want to get a taste of the natural side of Nevada, then consider an ATV rental in Las Vegas to take the beautiful 22-mile ride through Eldorado Canyon in the desert outside Las Vegas. If you let it, your imagination can get carried away during this ride that is perfect for all ability levels.

Wild Country

The first settlers in the area were Native Americans who predated the Paiute basket weavers who once lived peacefully along the Colorado River. As you ride across the desert, you can almost hear the Indians whooping with glee as they fish in the river or hunt pronghorn sheep and rabbits to keep their families fed.

Spanish Arrival

The area remained in relative peace because the desert environment was a hostile one for warring Native American tribes who did not consider it worth their time to try to take the land. During the 1700s, the Spanish arrived, following rumors of gold in the Colorado River. After most found only silver, they peacefully returned to Mexico or moved to other parts of the United States to stake their fortunes, but they left behind a legacy in wild horses and architecture that survives to this day.

Gold Days

While there were rumors of gold being found, very few gold prospectors were interested in facing the harsh climate until the rumor became much stronger on steamboats running up and down the Colorado River. Then a sizable gold deposit was found in 1851. Prospectors began to flock to the area. With them came all types of lawlessness. When you take an ATV tour along the Eldorado Canyon Trail, you might find yourself hearing whispers on the wind that tell of men getting away with murder because there were no lawmen for hundreds of miles.

Trouble Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

There were men who just did not want to fight in the Civil War, and some of them sought refuge during the war in Eldorado Canyon. Soon, they were joined by the Ahvote and Queho renegade Native Americans. If you had been living in the canyon during those times, you would’ve watched your back day and night because trouble could reach out and grab you anytime.

Lawlessness continued in the area until the Hoover Dam was built. During its construction, Nelson Landing was filled with workers who were busy constructing the dam, and the area finally settled down. If you would like to learn more about Eldorado Canyon, the best way to do it is on an ATV tour. You can take a completely guided tour or have a brief orientation and safety briefing followed by time to explore the canyon at your leisure.

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A Brief History of the Awesome ATV

ATV Las Vegas Tours

The all-terrain vehicle has been a part of American culture since the 1960s, but the early iterations didn’t bear much resemblance to the 4-wheel vehicles of today. The first versions of these off-road vehicles included the Jiger of 1961 and the Terra Tiger, which came along near the end of that decade. These land and water offerings sported 6 wheels and were billed as amphibious all-terrain vehicles – AATVs. Unlike the ATV you’re familiar with, AATVs didn’t allow for riders to straddle them. Today, you can not only straddle an ATV; you can take ATV Las Vegas Tours to experience the wild and beautiful Nevada deserts up close and personal from the back of an ATV!

The First ATV

ATV history begins with the Sperry-Rand Tricart, which was the first 3-wheeled “straddle” ATV. This innovation resembled a rather large Big Wheel with an engine. It was first manufactured in 1968, and the computer parts company of Sperry Rand produced approximately 40,000 Tricarts through the 1970s. A 5-horsepower lawnmower engine powered most of these 3-wheelers. Though it moved manufacturers closer to today’s ATVs, the Tricart was still a far cry from modern ATVs. This early offering had footrests attached to the front wheel assembly, fold-down steering bars and no suspension.

A More Modern Take

Honda jumped aboard the ATV evolution in 1970 with the All Terrain Cycle, dubbed ATC90. This 3-wheeler far more closely resembled a motorcycle than a Big Wheel. Though it didn’t incorporate suspension, its large balloon tires addressed that issue. This 100% recreational ATV increased in popularity throughout the 1970s, and by 1979, a more powerful version emerged, the ATC110.

By 1981, the ATV had begun to come into its own, with full suspension, high performance and a 5-speed transmission. Honda delivered the first of these recreational powerhouses with the ATC250R. Kawasaki introduced a comparable ATV in 1981, too, the KLT200. By 1985, Kawasaki had designed a 4-wheel version, the Bayou 185. But it was Suzuki who was first out of the gate with a 4-wheeler, manufacturing the QuadRunner LT125 in 1982. It produced a far more powerful version in 1985 called the LT250R QuadRacer.

Today’s Recreational ATV

Today’s ATV references the 4-wheel recreational model that you are familiar with. They’re great fun for amateurs and pros alike. ATVs are featured in their own off-road racing events as well as Motocross. These vehicles regularly give dirt bikes a run for their money, and they’re extremely popular for sports, recreation and more. One extremely popular use of the modern ATV is exciting, engaging ATV tours in places like Las Vegas, Nevada, and the surrounding environs.

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Explore the Lake Mead Area All Year-Long by Renting an ATV

lake mead atv rental las vegas

Driving an ATV through Lake Mead National Park is a wonderful adventure any time of year. The thinner crowds in the winter and the cool, crisp days make the scenery look even more spectacular. Wildflowers are usually plentiful in the spring because of the runoff from the Rocky Mountains. Warmer summertime temperatures make it a great time to take a splash in the Colorado River while the fall is a great time to track animals and go birdwatching. ATV rental in Las Vegas for tours at Lake Mead National Park is a fun thing to do regardless of the weather.

Winter ATV Tours

Considering a winter ATV tour is a wonderful idea because the crowds are fewer. This often allows guides to take guests into areas that must be avoided during peak travel times. The cacti also pop to life after their winter slumbers with a beautiful display of color. Temperatures near 70 degrees make it a beautiful time to explore the park on an ATV. Crisp days makes this the perfect day to capture photos of the amazing scenery.

Spring ATV Tours

More than 240 species of birds have been spotted in the park. Spring is often the best time to spot them. Bald eagles often choose to nest here during the spring. Standing in stark contrast to the barren sand in many areas of the park, spring wildflowers put on a spectacular show.

Summer ATV Tours

While temperatures in parts of the park can easily reach 120 degrees in the summer, it is often the best time to see a variety of wildlife as long as you know where they are hiding to escape the summer heat. A dip in the Colorado River at the midway point is a fun way to celebrate summer.

Fall ATV Tours

Fall is a wonderful time to drive an ATV through the Lake Mead area. Temperatures are perfect for exploring the rock formations, the steamy hot springs and many other areas of the park. Learning more about the history of the area from a knowledgeable guide makes an ATV tour even more fun.

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Great Off-Strip Adventures in Las Vegas!

ATV las vegas tours

There’s more to Vegas than just the bright lights of the Strip. True, people from all over the world come here for the spectacle: the shows, the showgirls, the neon, the Bellagio. Pirate ships, exploding volcanoes, Celine — what more could you want, right? What savvy Vegas visitors and smart locals know is that there’s even more fun to be had off-Strip. Get ready to saddle up, strap yourself down, and head out into the desert for some amazing adventures through ATV tours.


West of the city of Las Vegas is one of the Southwest’s most astounding displays of natural beauty: Red Rock Canyon. A visual wonderland of pink and ochre cliffs of sandstone, it’s like Sedona without the pretentious crystal shops and overpriced kale. Actually, it’s better. The stunning mountains offer some of the world’s most scenic rock climbing for everyone from novices to pros. Hike or go trail running through Red Rock Canyon to see some ancient petroglyphs, learn about desert wildlife at the visitor’s center, or saddle up for a guided tour through the area on horseback. Red Rock has it all.


Lake Mead is a must-see experience if you’re in Vegas. Formed by damming the Colorado River, Lake Mead is a surreal blue gem in the middle of the stark desert. Great for swimming, Lake Mead also offers some outstanding sports fishing. Go scuba diving, take a tour on a boat up the Colorado River, or pay a visit to the Hoover Dam for the day. No matter what, you’ll have a great dam time.


No visit to the valley would be complete without some ATV Las Vegas tours of the beautiful Mojave desert. Strap yourself into a motorized ATV for a guided adventure that takes you throughout the trails around Lake Mead National Park, where you’ll get yourself a taste of the Vegas backcountry. Desert tortoises, wild bighorns, stark volcanic mountains, and an endless blue sky will leave you wanting more of this one-of-a-kind landscape many visitors never see. Don’t just stay on the Strip!

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Explore These Nevada Deserts on Your Own ATV Tour

Vegas ATV adventures

If you have never been to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, then you need to put it on the top of your bucket list. The 200,000-acre area includes three of the four desert ecosystems found in the United States. The best way to explore the 200,000-acre area is on a Scenic Motorized Razor Tour.

Travel Through the Mojave Desert

Almost 2,000 plant species grow in the Mojave Desert despite its extremely dry conditions. This area is often referred to as the high desert. As you drive through this part of the desert, you will enjoy seeing the scenic beauty of the Tehachapi Mountains, San Gabriel Mountains and the San Bernardino Mountains. While this is the smallest desert in North America, as you approach the Colorado River, watch for Southern bald eagles, willow flycatchers and hummingbirds. You may also be lucky enough to spot a bighorn sheep or a jackrabbit.

Ride in the Great Basin Desert

More than 63 species of the 600 species of animals living in the Great Basin Desert have been identified as species of conservation because they might someday go distinct. If you visit in the spring, then you may get to witness the elaborate mating rituals of the greater sage-grouse. The males put on an elaborate display trying to attract the females with their feathers and lively dance steps. Only the most handsome of these male birds will end up with a partner before the breeding season.

Proceed to the Sonoran Desert

You may also be able to visit part of the Sonoran Desert during your ATV tour. This desert stretches clear south to the Mexican border. Bask in the natural beauty of the area as you stop at the Colorado River to swim.

Check an item off your bucket list by partaking in Vegas ATV adventures through the deserts while driving a motorized razor. Encounter the local wildlife on your 22-mile ADV adventure. Learn about the different deserts from your knowledgeable guide while seeing the amazing scenery.

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Extreme Ways to Have Fun on an ATV

ATV tour Las Vegas

ATVs are exhilarating to ride and a great way to explore the outdoors. Once you have a bit of experience behind your belt, you may start to get a little more adventurous. There are many unique ways to spice things up, and Bullets and Burgers may give you the adventure you crave. Riding an ATV while shooting a real machine gun is only an experience you can have in the desert of Las Vegas.

ATV Tour Las Vegas

A basic adventure activity to take is a guided ATV tour in the Las Vegas desert. A professional guide will lead you through the amazing landscapes that are illuminated by the clear and intense sun. Experience the flora and fauna of the outdoors while also having a blast of riding your ATV.

The Mojave Desert Adventure Tour will take you through the most pristine, famous, and dangerous desert in the country. You’ll see cacti and desert creatures while tearing up the sand with the powerful wheels of your ATV. Once you’re finished, you’ll be dropped off at the Las Vegas Strip to become reintegrated within civilization.

ATV Racing

If you’re a confident driver, then why not benchmark your skills with an amateur or professional racing experience. Instead of drag racing through the streets, take it through a course with dirt, mud, and sand so that you can get dirty and release your barbaric instinct.

There are courses that may be rented for amateur events, and you can even partake in tournaments and local competitions to win a trophy. Going through ramps and hills is an extreme and difficult challenge that will get your heart pumping like never before.

Shooting Guns From an ATV

You cannot get any more extreme than this. The fast-paced nature of riding an ATV combined with the rapid fire of a machine has a mix of danger and pleasure that’s impossible to get outside of a battlefield.

You can tell your friends that you’ve shot a Browning BMG .50 Cal or a Barrett sniper rifle without being in the military. These weapons are some that have been seen in Hollywood films and you can learn how to shoot one.

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