ATV tour Las Vegas

ATVs are exhilarating to ride and a great way to explore the outdoors. Once you have a bit of experience behind your belt, you may start to get a little more adventurous. There are many unique ways to spice things up, and Bullets and Burgers may give you the adventure you crave. Riding an ATV while shooting a real machine gun is only an experience you can have in the desert of Las Vegas.

ATV Tour Las Vegas

A basic adventure activity to take is a guided ATV tour in the Las Vegas desert. A professional guide will lead you through the amazing landscapes that are illuminated by the clear and intense sun. Experience the flora and fauna of the outdoors while also having a blast of riding your ATV.

The Mojave Desert Adventure Tour will take you through the most pristine, famous, and dangerous desert in the country. You’ll see cacti and desert creatures while tearing up the sand with the powerful wheels of your ATV. Once you’re finished, you’ll be dropped off at the Las Vegas Strip to become reintegrated within civilization.

ATV Racing

If you’re a confident driver, then why not benchmark your skills with an amateur or professional racing experience. Instead of drag racing through the streets, take it through a course with dirt, mud, and sand so that you can get dirty and release your barbaric instinct.

There are courses that may be rented for amateur events, and you can even partake in tournaments and local competitions to win a trophy. Going through ramps and hills is an extreme and difficult challenge that will get your heart pumping like never before.

Shooting Guns From an ATV

You cannot get any more extreme than this. The fast-paced nature of riding an ATV combined with the rapid fire of a machine has a mix of danger and pleasure that’s impossible to get outside of a battlefield.

You can tell your friends that you’ve shot a Browning BMG .50 Cal or a Barrett sniper rifle without being in the military. These weapons are some that have been seen in Hollywood films and you can learn how to shoot one.