ATV las vegas tours

There’s more to Vegas than just the bright lights of the Strip. True, people from all over the world come here for the spectacle: the shows, the showgirls, the neon, the Bellagio. Pirate ships, exploding volcanoes, Celine — what more could you want, right? What savvy Vegas visitors and smart locals know is that there’s even more fun to be had off-Strip. Get ready to saddle up, strap yourself down, and head out into the desert for some amazing adventures through ATV tours.


West of the city of Las Vegas is one of the Southwest’s most astounding displays of natural beauty: Red Rock Canyon. A visual wonderland of pink and ochre cliffs of sandstone, it’s like Sedona without the pretentious crystal shops and overpriced kale. Actually, it’s better. The stunning mountains offer some of the world’s most scenic rock climbing for everyone from novices to pros. Hike or go trail running through Red Rock Canyon to see some ancient petroglyphs, learn about desert wildlife at the visitor’s center, or saddle up for a guided tour through the area on horseback. Red Rock has it all.


Lake Mead is a must-see experience if you’re in Vegas. Formed by damming the Colorado River, Lake Mead is a surreal blue gem in the middle of the stark desert. Great for swimming, Lake Mead also offers some outstanding sports fishing. Go scuba diving, take a tour on a boat up the Colorado River, or pay a visit to the Hoover Dam for the day. No matter what, you’ll have a great dam time.


No visit to the valley would be complete without some ATV Las Vegas tours of the beautiful Mojave desert. Strap yourself into a motorized ATV for a guided adventure that takes you throughout the trails around Lake Mead National Park, where you’ll get yourself a taste of the Vegas backcountry. Desert tortoises, wild bighorns, stark volcanic mountains, and an endless blue sky will leave you wanting more of this one-of-a-kind landscape many visitors never see. Don’t just stay on the Strip!