Choose a Guided ATV Tour of Las Vegas

If you’re not up for hiking the Las Vegas desert on foot, off-roading might sound like a better idea. It can definitely make navigating the sandy, rocky desert terrain easier and more fun. But should you rent an ATV and go it alone, or should you choose a scenic motorized tour with a tour guide?

ATV Rentals

For thrill seekers, you can rent ATV for racing and high-speed rides on short courses. Most visitors to Las Vegas chose ATV rentals so they can tour national landmark sites like Lake Mead National Park and the Mojave Desert where they can visit the historical Colorado River and the Hoover Dam Bridge. These are most often self- guided tours where you get a quick ATV operating lesson and a map. If you’re an experienced off-roader and you know the trails, this is a good option for quick, fun adrenalin rush. But if you’ve never operated an ATV or can’t navigate using a map, you may be in over your head.

ATV Tours

A better option for off-roading newbies is to book a guided ATV tour. There are a few companies in Las Vegas that specialize in guided ATV tours. The main benefit of these scenic motorized tours is that you get a tour guide who is experienced in ATV safety, is an expert navigator and knows the rich and colorful history of the sites you’ll want to visit. Your tour guide is with you throughout the entire trip to ensure safety and give you answers to questions you can’t find in a simple marketing brochure. If you’re vacationing with family, a guided ATV tour is truly a history lesson on wheels.

Guided ATV Tours: The Clear Winner

Having an experienced tour guide accompany you on your scenic motorized tour makes it safer, more predictable, more educational, and more fun. Las Vegas ATVs offers some of the most unique and fun-filled ATV rides in Las Vegas . Combine your guided tour with skydiving, shooting at our firearms range, or a helicopter tour, and lunch at our World Famous Arizona Last Stop Restaurant. Guided ATV tours are the best way to see historical Las Vegas first-hand while experiencing the thrill of off-roading for beginners.