Helicopter Skydive, Shooting, ATV, and Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Experience the most thrilling and unique adventure available nowhere else in Las Vegas! Explore the Grand Canyon by air then test your limits as you Skydive out of a helicopter. Continue the adrenaline rush shooting full automatic machine guns at our outdoor range and riding through the scenic trails of Lake Mead National Park to the Colorado River.

Your Skydive Adventure begins with complimentary pick up from your Las Vegas Strip hotel by one of our master Tour Guides. You will tour through the Scenic Mojave Desert. Live guided commentary will be provided about the history of Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Experience the Worlds greatest Natural Wonder by helicopter. You will descend 1,500 feet below the rim, as you soar like an eagle over the mighty Colorado River traveling nearly 10 miles as you pass geological rock formations that span over millions of years. Around every corner are cathedral buttresses and pillars with amazing natural vivid colors. Land at the bottom of the canyon for a 30-minute champagne landing and light picnic snack. After departing the Grand Canyon West, your helicopter will fly back to the heliport.

Then suit up and get ready for the most incredible experience of your life! Take off and climb nearly 15,000 feet into the earth’s atmosphere. Now it’s time to jump and fly through the sky as you reach speeds up to 160 MPH. Experience the best adrenaline rush of your life as you free fall for nearly 60 seconds to the earth. Don’t forget to take in the incredible views of the Colorado River and Lake Mead National Park. Touch down after your life changing jump for your next experience.

You will then arrive at the staging area located in Lake Mead National Park for your once in a lifetime Scenic Motorized ATV Tour to the Colorado River. Ride down 22 miles of natural forming trails while absorbing the sights of a majestic desert landscape, plant, and wildlife. At the halfway point you have the opportunity to go swimming in the Colorado River. After a cool and refreshing swim head back down the trails of Lake Mead National Park as you soak in the sights one last time. You will then be escorted to your private outdoor military style bunker set in a unique desert storm atmosphere located in the Mojave Desert. Shoot our wide variety of fully automatic weapons and .50 Cal specialty weapons including the Barrett, Desert Eagle, and M2 Browning.

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After an action-packed day, relax at our onsite restaurant and bar where we will serve you lunch. We will grill you up our World Famous Burger, Fries, and a Soda. Your tour guide will drive you back to Las Vegas with unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

2 Person Minimum

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  1. Complimentary pickup from most Las Vegas Strip hotels
    (7:00 am, daily)
  2. Helicopter Flight through the Grand Canyon
  3. Champagne Landing at bottom of the canyon
  4. Skydive out of a Helicopter
  5. Three-hour Scenic Motorized ATV Tour through Lake Mead National Park
  6. Opportunity to swim in the Colorado River at the halfway point
  7. Outdoor Machine Gun Shooting Package of your choice
  8. Photo opportunity with your awesome military weapons
  9. Lunch: World Famous Burger, Fries, and Soda
    (Vegetarian option available)
  10. Drop off at your Las Vegas Strip hotel

Approximate Duration: 10 hours
(hotel to hotel)

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018

Ultimate Thrill Adventure Packages

Shoot and Uzi at Bullets and Burgers

  • 1 AR 9mm (20 rounds)
  • 1 Uzi (20 rounds)
  • 9mm Glock (3 rounds)
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  • 1 Submachine Gun (25 rounds)
  • 1 Machine Gun (25 rounds)
  • 9mm Glock (5 rounds)
  • 1 Exploding Target
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  • 1 Submachine Gun (25 rounds)
  • 1 Machine Gun (25 rounds)
  • 1 Belt-Fed Machine Gun (25 rounds)
  • 9mm Glock (5 rounds)
  • 2 Exploding Targets
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Barrett 50 Cal Sniper Rifle Bullets and Burgers

  • 1 Submachine Gun (25 rounds)
  • 1 Machine Gun (25 rounds)
  • 1 Belt-Fed Machine Gun (25 rounds)
  • Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle (3 rounds)
  • 9mm Glock (5 rounds)
  • 3 Exploding Targets
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  • 1 Submachine Gun (25 rounds)
  • 1 Machine Gun (25 rounds)
  • 1 Belt-Fed Machine Gun (25 rounds)
  • Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle (3 rounds)
  • M2 Deuce .50 Cal (15 rounds)
  • 9mm Glock (5 rounds)
  • 4 Exploding Targets
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  • 8 Machine Guns of your choice
  • Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle (5 rounds)
  • M2 Deuce .50 Cal (25 rounds)
  • 5 Exploding Targets
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  • There is a 2 person minimum per booking.
  • All jumpers must be 18 years old. Photo ID will be verified at the time of check-in.
  • Maximum weight limit is 240lbs. All jumpers will be weighed at time of check-in.
  • Photo ID is required at time of check-in.
  • Must be in good mental and physical health.
  • This is an extreme activity and is not recommended for everyone.
  • If you are a convicted felon you are NOT allowed to participate. We require that you sign a document stating that you are not a convicted felon at time of pick up.
  • Photo Identification and the Credit Card used to make the reservation is required for verification purposes.
  • Please be sure to eat prior to your scheduled pick up time. There are no food or drinks allowed on the tour shuttle. Lunch is included with all packages and will be served after the conclusion of your activity.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us at 702-333-0999 or email us at [email protected]