Why You Should Choose a Scenic Motorized ATV Tour over Renting an ATV

When it comes to visiting Las Vegas, there are a lot of different things one can do outdoors to enjoy the beautiful desert landscape. After all, there are plenty of outdoor activities one can do when visiting Las Vegas besides just walking around the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. You can hike, explore the surrounding mountains, visit the Hoover Dam & Lake Mead, see the Grand Canyon, swim in the Colorado River, shoot machine guns… the list is endless!

In fact, one of the most popular activities is to ride ATVs and Dune Buggies across scenic desert trails. This is always a great experience because you get to experience the beauty of the desert in a very unique way. But of course, this may raise some questions for some people because if you just rent an ATV what are you supposed to do about obtaining the necessary equipment and safety gear to tackle such an adventure? Where can you ride your ATV? Where are the best trails? What condition is the ATV I’m renting in?

In the end, this may be more of a hassle than anything. Luckily, there’s a better option that many overlook— a guided ATV or Dune Buggy tour with Las Vegas ATV Tours. Here are a few benefits of choosing guided tours over renting a random ATV on your next Las Vegas vacation.


Ensure the Safety of Your Entire Group

One huge risk you run when you rent an ATV is that you never know what you will encounter. Many inexperienced drivers often rent ATVs and assume that they will be able to handle operating an ATV on rough desert terrain. This often leads to many injuries for the operator of the ATV and those around him/her. In contrast, Las Vegas ATV Tours has very little to no injuries on our tours, which is always incredibly important. After all, you are on vacation to have fun, not injure yourself.

With Las Vegas ATV Tours, you can also eliminate the risk of getting lost in the desert. Some desert trails can be confusing, as there are hundreds of miles in the deserts surrounding Las Vegas. It’s very easy to get turned around when you least expect it, especially under the sun. For many, the terrain can begin to look the same and can even appear completely different at different times of the day. This could become a nightmare if you are not careful.


Avoid Paying Expensive Repair Fees that Often Come with Renting an ATV


Vacations are not cheap, and while you may have saved up for your trip the last thing you want to do is end up paying for something you shouldn’t have to. When you rent an ATV, you run the risk of having to repair it even if it was already in bad shape. Most ATV Rental companies actually make a sizeable amount of their profit by charging for damage done to their ATV’s. Why put yourself in a situation where you may have to pay hundreds of dollars to repair a machine you don’t even own?!

Why rent and run into these risks when you can take an amazing tour with our master tour guides? The Las Vegas ATV Tour experience is like no other and won’t end up costing you more than you were told with repair fees.


What Company Offers ATV Tours in Las Vegas?


Las Vegas ATV Tours is proud to offer the chance to enjoy the desert scenery in a unique manner for all visitors. We have a very strong reputation in the Las Vegas area and offer some of the best tours available in the area.


We separate our adventure from all other Las Vegas ATV tours in the United States because what we have to offer to you! We offer the only beautiful and scenic motorized tour through the trails at Lake Mead National Park to the Colorado River. Once our adventure arrives at the halfway point, we stop at the Colorado River for a photo and video opportunity and a splash of the water in the summer months. Learn the history of the National Park, Colorado River and the mines of Eldorado canyon while on your scenic ATV tour.