ATV tour of Las Vegas

Working with a local company that offers ATV and dune buggy rentals lets you tour the Vegas desert. Before your trip, make sure that you create a packing list that includes everything you need.

How to Pack for a ATV Desert Adventure

Vegas is more than just the bright lights and loud noises that you expect to see and hear. It’s also home to one of the most beautiful deserts in the world that you can see via dune buggy or ATV. No matter what vehicle you select for your trip, make sure that you check every item off this packing list ahead of time.


The sun in Vegas is extremely harsh and can leave you with such a painful and uncomfortable sunburn that you spend the rest of your trip feeling miserable. Tossing a bottle of sunscreen in your bag helps you avoid the sun. Apply a coat of sunscreen right before you head to the desert, but make sure that you reapply that lotion or cream every few hours. As long as you’re exposed to the sun, you need protection from its rays.

Sweatshirt or Jacket

When taking an ATV tour of Las Vegas, thrill seekers don’t often think about grabbing a jacket or a sweatshirt because they assume it will stay warm all day. If the sun slips behind the clouds or an unexpected storm breaks out, the temperature can drop in seconds. Even if the forecast calls for sunny skies, it’s best to be prepared. A jacket or sweatshirt will help you stay warm.

Charged Phone/Camera

Whether you use your phone as a camera or have a digital camera, you’ll want to make sure that the device is charged and ready to go before your adventure. You can capture all the exciting moments that you experience with photos and videos that friends and family back home will want to see. Making sure the device is fully charged before your trip lets you keep filming all day long. While the tour company will take care of some things like lunch or dinner, you’ll want to bring other things from your packing list with you to the Vegas desert.