If the Eldorado Canyon Trail Could Talk

If you want to get a taste of the natural side of Nevada, then consider an ATV rental in Las Vegas to take the beautiful 22-mile ride through Eldorado Canyon in the desert outside Las Vegas. If you let it, your imagination can get carried away during this ride that is perfect for all ability levels.

Wild Country

The first settlers in the area were Native Americans who predated the Paiute basket weavers who once lived peacefully along the Colorado River. As you ride across the desert, you can almost hear the Indians whooping with glee as they fish in the river or hunt pronghorn sheep and rabbits to keep their families fed.

Spanish Arrival

The area remained in relative peace because the desert environment was a hostile one for warring Native American tribes who did not consider it worth their time to try to take the land. During the 1700s, the Spanish arrived, following rumors of gold in the Colorado River. After most found only silver, they peacefully returned to Mexico or moved to other parts of the United States to stake their fortunes, but they left behind a legacy in wild horses and architecture that survives to this day.

Gold Days

While there were rumors of gold being found, very few gold prospectors were interested in facing the harsh climate until the rumor became much stronger on steamboats running up and down the Colorado River. Then a sizable gold deposit was found in 1851. Prospectors began to flock to the area. With them came all types of lawlessness. When you take an ATV tour along the Eldorado Canyon Trail, you might find yourself hearing whispers on the wind that tell of men getting away with murder because there were no lawmen for hundreds of miles.

Trouble Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

There were men who just did not want to fight in the Civil War, and some of them sought refuge during the war in Eldorado Canyon. Soon, they were joined by the Ahvote and Queho renegade Native Americans. If you had been living in the canyon during those times, you would’ve watched your back day and night because trouble could reach out and grab you anytime.

Lawlessness continued in the area until the Hoover Dam was built. During its construction, Nelson Landing was filled with workers who were busy constructing the dam, and the area finally settled down. If you would like to learn more about Eldorado Canyon, the best way to do it is on an ATV tour. You can take a completely guided tour or have a brief orientation and safety briefing followed by time to explore the canyon at your leisure.